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Our story

Streetwear is the only kind of garment that allows you to step out looking stylish, effortlessly and comfortably. It’s no wonder it’s so loved…

But the designs have never really been targeted at women. This isn’t surprising. Firstly, there are almost no woman-owned brands in this space. Secondly, streetwear has represented everything from sports culture, to skateboard culture, gang culture and tattoo culture, but never a culture that really uplifts people. So, we’re left with basic sports logos or designs filled with pictures of cars, money, dragons and skulls. Until now.

At Xobishion, you’ll find classic streetwear garments from shirts to tracksuits, all with edgy designs tailor made for women.

Our journey

When Xobishion’s founder undertook the challenge of starting a streetwear label, she had no experience in the fashion world, and lacked the millions to compete in the highly competitive space. But determined to change the face of the streetwear industry, she envisioned the brand Xobishion, designed the first collection, sourced sustainable materials, started printing and built this online storefront. The journey was anything but smooth; from finding reliable manufacturers to crafting a brand identity that resonated, every step had challenges.  But it led to what you see here today – a place where women seeking bold, edgy streetwear don’t have to settle for less.

Our values

make creative designs

Our mission is to create stylish, one-of-a-kind designs that girls are excited to wear. The kind of garments that express your individuality and make people say ‘I love that, where’d you get it from?’ From bold quotes to imaginative graphics, each design is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of streetwear fashion.

That empowers girls

We didn’t just want Xobishion designs to be aimed at girls, or something that they’d love, we wanted them to empower. That’s why you’ll find that all our products have a message with positive themes like confidence, assertiveness and self-acceptance. Each piece showcases powerful imagery and text that reflects your mood and strength.

Of all sizes anad backgrounds

Not only do we cater to women of all sizes by providing plus-size options, we showcase a diverse range of women in our designs and marketing. We believe that fashion should be representative of all girls, regardless of size or background. This commitment to inclusivity means that everyone can find something that fits her style and makes her feel fabulous.

Only sold ethically

Outside of the luxury market, most of the fashion industry is moving towards a fast fashion business model. This is the practice of producing masses of designs regularly that follow fleeting trends. It’s done using low-quality fabric and poorly paid workers to sell huge amounts at rock-bottom prices. Because they’re based on trends, clothes go out of style fast, they also deteriorate fast because they’re cheap, which forces people to throw them away and buy more. Currently, an estimated 100 billion garments are purchased yearly, and 92 million tonnes are thrown out. Where do these clothes end up? In landfills and blighting the lands of developing nations. 

How we’re different

  • Style, not trends: Our clothes are not based on the latest runway or social media trends, instead we make creative pieces that will never go out of fashion.
  • Quality: Our clothes are made from high-quality materials that are built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Zero waste: We embrace a zero-waste philosophy. By custom printing each item for each customer, we ensure we produce only what is needed. 

Our Commitments

Money back guarantee

If there are any faults with your product, contact us within 50 days for a full refund and replacement

Tailored customer service

Receive support 24/7, that’s always kind and always helpful

Our vision

We’re proud to say that Xobishion has arrived with a bang in the fashion industry. Becoming a one-stop-shop for the fashionistas who love streetwear style.

Our vision for the future is ambitious. We aspire to become globally recognised for our innovative and bold designs in women’s clothing (and a real alternative to basic sportswear and fast fashion). With every collection, and every new passionate supporter, we are one step closer to turning this vision into reality.

Ready to glow up?