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Our story

Xobishion was created with the belief that more than anything, it’s unique accessories that make you stand out. The right accessory can make a plain outfit look amazing, it’s what makes people stop and ask, ‘I love that, where’d you get it from’.

If you love looking great and wearing unique accessories, you’ll know it takes hours of looking through 1000s of products on common fashion sites just to find them.

We wanted to create a place where other fashionistas who love to step out looking stylish and turning heads could find incredible accessories fast.

So, with a strong interest in fashion and a background in business, Xobishion’s founder set out to build a new brand.

This took looking through hundreds of products from dozens of manufactures. Filtering through them wasn’t easy or quick as the store wouldn’t just be stocking all new season items, these had to be hand-selected based on uniqueness and style. Within months we had our first collection.

Xobishion is now known for having a curated catalogue of all-unique all-trendy accessories. But we're not done. We want to become the first place people come to when they're looking for unique accessories.

Our Values

We’re not just about selling accessories. Ultimately, we want every woman who buys our products or follows us to feel:




Our commitments


Not only do we strive to ensure our products come to you in good condition, we want it to be an investment that lasts you years.


We’ll be uploading new styles regularly so you can stay dressed in the latest trends

Personalised customer service

Every customer who submits a query will receive a kind and helpful reply within 48 hours


On our site, and on every social media channel, we will engage our tribe with positivity - providing style tips and confidence boosts

Your fear free Guarantee

You’ve got a full 40 days to change your mind and return. Plus, we won’t haggle over refunds.

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